the good life's end



The Good Life’s End Training, Counseling & Research is an initiative of Martijn Hagens.

Martijn Hagens graduated cum laude as a Master of Science in Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. He is specialised as a trainer in Social Psychology. In Developmental Psychology he is specialised as a gerontologist and clinical neuropsychologist.

During his studies and his work as a clinical neuropsychologist – and in his voluntary work in the palliative and terminale home care in Amsterdam – he frequently got in contact with life’s end. It became clear that there is a great need to be able to talk about life’s end in and open and honest way. But it also became clear that a lot of people find this hard. To promote an open and honest communication about death he decided to start The Good Life’s End Training, Counseling & Research.

His experience as a trainer in different training courses about Personal and Professional Communication at the University of Amsterdam offer a good base for developing training courses that are designed for ameliorating an open, honest and careful way of communicating about life’s end.

As a trainer Martijn Hagens worked at the Vrijwilligersacademie (The Academy for Volunteers) in Amsterdam where he gave different kinds of communication training courses and a training about Conversations on death. He also led conversational groups ‘Talking about death: How does one do that?’ provided by different humanistic organizations and the Dutch funeral service provider Yarden.