TGLE is founded by Martijn Hagens who graduated in Developmental and Social Psychology from the University of Amsterdam with specialisations in Clinical Neuropsychology, Gerontology and Behavioural Science Training.

Martijn has worked as a clinical neuropsychologist in a nursing home, as a volunteer in palliative and terminal home care, and as a trainer in professional and personal communication skills at the University of Amsterdam and at the Academy for Volunteers in Amsterdam before founding The Good Life’s End (TGLE). This organisation specialises in training, counselling and research with a focus on matters related to life’s end.

From 2011 to 2022, Martijn Hagens has worked at Amsterdam UMC (VU Medical Center) on his PhD project that focusses on non-punishable assistance in intentionally ending one’s own life outside the Dutch Termination of life on request and assisted suicide review procedures Act.

He currently works as Post-Doctoral Researcher and Research Program Director for Steunfond Laatste Wil. He is responsible for promoting research into which people want to self-determine the timing and manner of their own death, which methods they make use of, and what the effects are on the people surrounding them. The research program aims to emancipate the public and political debate about a self-chosen death.